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After nearly 20 years if working in Information Technology as a QA Engineer, and with more than a decade of classroom experience, I have decided to take on the challenge of building an online learning experience for those seeking to acquire the skills necessary to earn entry level positions within the Information Technology field.


“Cras tristique turpis justo, eu consequat sem adipiscing ut. Donec posuere bibendum metus.”

Tony Nguyen, Co-Founder

Who I Am

My name is Jan Boniface and I am a Sr. QAE working at in Seattle. I have been working in the field of QA for 20 years and have worked for some well known companies, including Coinstar, T-Mobile, Western Wireless,, and Microsoft.

In my current role as a Sr. QAE, I have several responsibilities including guiding senior leaders in best practices, and working with other senior leaders within Softlines to implement and refine strategies and processes to deliver high quality software to our customers. I am also a mentor.

Mentoring is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of my job. Helping others acquire knowledge and then guiding them in the practical application of that knowledge is extremely rewarding.

Why I’m Here

Issaquah Technical Academy is my opportunity to mentor outside of Amazon and outside of the classroom. I also teach classes in the evening where young adults learn computer programming and test automation.

I want people to be able to discover whether computer programming is “for them”. All too often I hear that college courses or continuing education courses are too expensive. This is a barrier to people finding out if they would enjoy computer programming. I want to break down those barriers by providing inexpensive, online learning opportunities.

While many of the courses offered here provide a strong foundation in programming fundamentals, I also want to add technical courses that take students beyond basic computer programming skills.

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Jan Boniface

Founder & Instructor
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